08 November 2010

Hobbies I Will Never Actually Take Up, so I Should Stop Kidding Myself

I am limiting myself to five things, inspired by this post.

1. Skydiving. I've wanted to skydive since John and Dana moved in next door to my parent's house when I was eleven. Well, it's 11 years later and I still haven't gone. I'm not getting any younger and since I'm afraid to get into a plane, I don't really see how I will ever be brave enough to jump out of one.

2. Knitting. I mentioned knitting here, and I appreciate all the feedback! I got two facebook messages from people I didn't even know who read this blog, offering to help me learn to knit. Thanks guys! And really, I would love to learn. I just wouldn't be surprised if I never took the time.

3. Exercising. Yes, I totally stole this from the original list. I have bought good running shoes, I even went to Curves once. I know I need to get into shape but just the thought of getting my butt off the couch is exhausting. Work is so incredibly stressful and emotionally draining every day, so that when I get home, the very last thing I want to do is move more than necessary.

4. Letterpressing. I wanted to learn how to letterpress SO BAD this year but it's really expensive and the one place I know of in St. Louis that teaches people is really, really expensive. I just can't justify spending that much money for a couple of days of instruction. Maybe someday.

5. Researching my family tree. I LOVE reading everything that Bridgett unearths about her family. But she's patient with this project (at least if you aren't, Bridgett, you're fooling me) and has spent hours learning. I could just see myself paying for the website use, and then forgetting about it until it expired.


Emma O said...

I also feel the "last thing I want to do is move after a long day of work" mentality. It really changed my perspective to exercise as my way to get to work (bike or walk)! I don't pay for a gym membership, I get outside and alone time twice a day while exercising and not spending money or gas to get to work. Just an idea! It takes a bit of adjustment, but I felt like it was way easier to incorporate that into my life than a separate exercise plan. Emma

Bridgett said...

I will never tatt or crochet. Or skydive (ridiculous idea). I would love to believe I will spin and weave, but that's at least 4 years away.

Most everything else....is fair game, unfortunately...