05 October 2010

Wishes (Winter Edition)

I wish...

...that there was snow on the ground.

...that our fireplace worked.

...that the hot cocoa I bought in Cambria, California, tasted better than it does.

...for a pair of fleecey Hunter socks to adorably match my Hunter boots.

...that Pete and I could laze in bed all day and watch Parks & Rec and have Scout lay with us to keep us warm, and NOT pee on the bed.

...my office wasn't as cold. My fuzzy socks + sophisticated flats are not the most classy look.

...that I could go for a brisk Central West End walk, like Mary and I did in high school to "take pictures" for media class (we did take pictures, just not always for class).

...that dinner would make itself. And that the apartment would clean itself.

...that our apartment had heated floors.

...I knew how to knit (how beautiful is this?)


Mary said...

I'm pretty sure I can make one of those come true--just have to dig up the old SLR and pick a date :)

Bridgett said...

And I can help you with the last one.

Bridgett said...

There's no pixie dust but I might even have yarn that would work for that pattern (and big needles + big yarn = best way to learn to knit).