06 October 2010


Ugh. I'm not sure if my excitement over Christmas is charming or annoying or a little bit of both. With this cold weather making itself at home in St. Louis, I am Christmas CRAZY. I've been doing research on what to get people for Christmas, making lists of things to do during December (Pete and I have tried to do one Christmas-ey thing a day the last two Decembers), and dreaming about our Christmas tree.

So in my researching, I've decided that everything I get for people this year will be handmade or bought from someone else who made it by hand (aka a lot of Etsy shopping, yay!). I've made this my Christmas pledge a few years in the past, and while it starts out well, I usually get behind on my shopping and end up getting people things from Target or Anthropologie (which is fine).

So. Here, I've said it. I will be getting people handmade things!

Oh, wait. I already have to go back on that pledge - I saw an AWESOME pair of mustache socks that I wanted to get for Pete. Hmmm.

I've already found some great projects I want to dive into within the next few weeks, but I can't post them here because the three projects I really, really want to do are for people that I KNOW read this blog.

Do you know of any websites that you think would aid me in my handmade Christmas quest?


sonrie said...

no websites on my mind just yet...though I have yet to think about Christmas too. You're off to an early start!

Megan said...

stumbleupon.com - just specify you want craft projects, etc.


Karen said...

I too am ready for Christmas! Right now. I'll be stressed and aghast by mid-December. But I heard a commercial on the radio about the start of Christmas music and actually squealed.

What about artists like Anna at Rifle? It's independent albeit more commercial.