13 August 2008

Cool hotel

I really, really like swimming. But I hate watching it on TV. BORING! So instead of watching water polo (also boring, to me) with dad at 12:15 AM, I decided to flickr "swimming pool" and see what I came up with. And, well, one thing led to another and I came across the website for Reflections Rooms in Bangkok.

From what I could gather, the hotel is like an ongoing art project experiment. Artists are commissioned to design and create one room in the hotel. Here's some pictures of some of them:

"Natty Polly" - "Have you ever been in love with someone? Once falling in love, it's like wearing pink glasses. Everything is so sweet and the world becomes a wonderful place to live."

"Hong" - "Enter a spacious art studio where you can eat, sleep, and make your own art! Get your brush from the locker, mix your paint at the sink. Add to the paintings on the walls. Wash up, chill out with a beer, turn up the music, have an “upter party” with your mates and the attic stairs, or your own streetside balcony. Arty-Party!"

"Sleep Well" - about the relationship of a woman and her lover, and the inspiration? (It was hard to figure out what was being said)

"GreyDay" - "GreyDay is a room for you to hideaway from all the messes in the big city on your tired days."

Oh, yeah. And the exterior of the hotel?


flickr photo via derekb

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