26 August 2008

Kathleen is GONE

My wonderful friend Kathleen flew to Florence for the semester on Saturday. It's really sad that she isn't here! Not that we saw each other every day or anything (she lives in Lake Forest/DeKalb, IL) but knowing she isn't really a phone call away anymore is just sort of weird to me. Of course, this is the opportunity of a lifetime - she's studying art and what better place in the WORLD to do it besides FLORENCE, ITALY?

Kathleen, have FUN and I love you! I know you're doing fantastic.

Other people I know who are out of the country this semester:

I feel like I'm missing out! Oh well, the way I see it is that I'll be traveling around the world with groups of curious high-schoolers once I get out of college. Then I can go for free-ee! (Let's hope, at least)

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