25 August 2008


OMG. So, me and Pete took a little trip down to Cairo yesterday and today to see the new puppies that Chip and Bella made. Well, we had seen them once, and they were little LITTLE guys, like this:

But now, NOW, they're fun and yippy and they can walk and their eyes are open and they play with each other and eat a lot of food and sleep and cuddle with you and look at you with their pretty, pretty, big wide eyes, just taking in the whole world...

I had at least one in my arms whenever I wasn't at church, sleeping, or eating. So, so, SO cute!


Bridgett said...

Not a puppy fan, but those, I admit, are pretty darned cute.

Laura said...

so, so, SO jealous!
i want one now! eee!
that one peeping over the table...too adorable to resist.

also, we should go to craft/yard/garage sales together!

sonrie said...

um, I want one. Too bad I am so busy...They are so cute. Sigh.