13 August 2008


Generally I had a great day today. Took a 10-mile bike ride with Pete, played with Louie a lot, went to the dentist...?

While at the dentist, we were talking about the Olympics. First of all, it amazes me that people like Olympian athletes exist. When I was three, I wanted to try and do everything- one minute I would be reading a book, five minutes later I would want to play with Barbies, and then later that evening I would be digging in the dirt. My parents put me in organized sports - volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer - but I was pretty miserable at all of them (besides v-ball). What I'm trying to say is that I NEVER was into one thing for too long of a time. How these little kids are okay with training eight and nine hours a day - for YEARS - is beyond me.

But anyways. Fun to watch. BUT the thing that REALLY upset me today was the news story about the two little girls - "one pretty, one 'not so much'", as one news article titled it, totally floored me. In a bad way. What a horrible example! Makes me wanna gag.


Bridgett said...

Ok, that's TERRIBLE.

Laura said...

I had not heard about that story until just now, but it makes me sick to my stomach.
Is this an inappropriate time to tell you that your new profile picture is freakin adorable?