10 March 2010

Only Four Months to Go!

I am so excited.

So here is what we have accomplished in the last month:

1. Ordered invitations (they're really cute but I can't post them until...well...we receive them. And even then, I'll probably wait until the people we invite receive them).
2. Signed up for the Give a Day, Get a Day program with Disney - so we will have free tickets to Disneyland! Yay!
3. Blocked off hotel rooms at two hotels.
4. Created a day-of time line (it's not set in stone...since I haven't actually made appointments for hair and make-up places, but it's approximate)
5. Kind of-sort of picked out our first dance song. I had suggested "Sea of Love", like, years ago (seriously...I know, I'm gross) but it totally wore off. I didn't want that song anymore, and Pete was still all gung-ho about it...but NOW there are three or four songs that we both agree on. We just have to decide.
6. I tried to order shoes, but then I realized that they would be shipped from China and I would have to pay for the customs. So...no, I don't have shoes yet.
7. Mary Helen (Pete's mom) ordered/purchased patterns for the flower girls' dresses! And she'll be up here in St. Louis this weekend for the St. Patrick's Day Parade thing (sorry, I'm not Irish, I don't know what its official title is) and if we have time, we're going to try to go shopping for fabric for said dresses.
8. Scheduled engagement pictures, with Ryan, our wedding photographer. My mom was all, "why would you get engagement pictures now?! It's too late to announce it in the paper!" Oh mommy, how things have changed.
9. We asked Mary (Pete's twin brother's (Steve) wife) to sing and Christy (Pete's sister) to do a reading (Bridgett, we're asking Mike to do something too, but we just haven't gotten around to it yet...sorry!) in the ceremony.
10. My first wedding shower is in less than a month! Since I would be up in Chicago for Easter, my mom and her sister decided to do the Peluso-Hoffman wedding shower over Easter weekend. I'm so excited!! And my neighbors are in the process of setting a date for a shower up here in St. Louis, for all the Soulard folk. Also exciting :)
11. Done some research on gifts to get for everything who is helping us/making us stuff/doing things for us/are in the wedding party. I love buying gifts for people. I like to think that I'm pretty good at it. We'll see, I suppose...

photo by (once again), the super incredibly talented ryan gladstone

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mh said...

It all sounds so close when I read your blog! I know it's going to be here before we know it. And once school winds down for you, you'll have to see when it would work for a shower down in the Cape/Cairo area. It's all so EXCITING!!