14 September 2010

Baby Cash

So my awesome friends Lindsay and Paul made a baby. His name is Cash. He is wonderful and cuddly and adorable.

Also, do you KNOW how small newborns are? He is teeny tiny! I knew that they were little. But then I saw his fingernails and how perfectly itsy bitsy they were and just...wow. So small. So perfect.

Anyway - this is Cash and two of Lindsay and Paul's pugs, Bruno and Savannah (Nana? Nannah? for short). L + P, I hope you don't mind that I totally swiped this picture from facebook.

I know, I know. Makes my ovaries ache. Kind of like how Leo made me feel last Christmas (and pretty much every time I see him).


mh said...

Precious! Congratulations to Lindsay and Paul!

Bridgett said...

Very nice.

Leo does have the effect on people. He is often described as ovary-achingly cute.