25 September 2010


So, slight change of plans.

I know I talked up Europe around this time last year - that I was TOTALLY going to go in the next year, no matter what. And to hold me accountable for saying that.

Well, after our amazing (READ: expensive) honeymoon, and since I've gotten a full-time job, we did some number-crunching and realized that really, Europe just isn't feasible for 2011.

Although it is still a possibility. Our school takes tours of girls to various places throughout the world each summer, and this summer two of my favorite teachers are taking a group of girls to Ireland, Wales, England, and France. There are already two chaperones, and (last I heard) only ten-ish girls enrolled for the trip. For every five girls that go, a chaperone goes for free. There's already another teacher in line before us, but if 25 girls sign up for the trip, we're going for free!

So we'll see how that unfolds.

In the meantime, my office works in the summer. So Pete and I decided to not go on any trips in summer 2011, unless the Europe trip comes through, or if my family/friends of the family plan a big reunion trip back to Hilton Head Island.

So, since we aren't really planning any summer trips, we took a look at the calendar and realized that since we work at the same school, we have the same spring break. And since we have the same (ahem, paid) spring break, we should totally go on a trip!

Hence, New York City and Philadelphia.

We'll fly into NYC, hang out there for a few days, then take the Megabus to Philly and stay with some friends. Then take the bus back to NYC and fly home.

I am so excited and have been doing preliminary research of things I want to do - I've been to New York once, for like 15ish hours, so I am excited to actually see the city. See Central Park, and the Museum of Natural History, and the Magnolia Bakery.

And I have yet to set foot in Philly - that's where Megan lives, along with Pete's good friend from high school, David, AND Karen, an awesome blogger. I totally told her on twitter that we need to meet up when I'm there. And she said yes! Squeee! Commence a conversation peppered with Arrested Development, Mindy Kaling, and 30 Rock quotes. I am tres excited!

So if any of you lovely readers have suggestions of things to do in New York or Philly, please let me know! I would love to hear from you!



sonrie said...

NY: the Met, MOMA, Guggenheim, Cooper-Hewitt, the subway.

Karen said...

Ohmigosh, I am SO STOKED for your visit! I can't wait to meet you! Of course, there are oodles and oodles of suggestions I have so we'll have to e-mail once you make plans, or if you have questions, let me know.

Off-hand, keeping in mind that it will be cooooooold...

NYC: Brunch at Balthazar's, the MOMA Store, Kate's Paperie, Top Shop, CB2 (all in Soho). The Met is another amazing museum (Uptown). Visit 30 Rock for an LL moment! Dinner at Momofuku for their fried chicken dinner(The Village). If you have time, check out Brooklyn!

Philly: The Mutter Museum, exploring Rittenhouse Square, dinner at Amada. I was thinking it would be fun if we go to tea? There are a few places that have formal (as in, traditional, not black tie) tea. Of course, I'm open to anything!

Megan said...


OH NO, I can't make a bigger SMILEY FACE!!!

You're getting my hopes up! For either! Of coarse if you come visit me I'll love to see you and show you around, but if you get to toot around Europe (including Ireland) I'll be tres jealous, but still SUPPER HAPPY for you!!!

mina said...

We're posting about all the places we loved in NYC right now... and we were in Philly before that.

Hope you have a great time!