05 September 2010

Crossing it Off...

So I've been busy with all kinds of great stuff, BUT I realized the other night that I hadn't told the blogosphere about all of my recent accomplishments.

Remember this list? Well, I've been (somewhat slowly) crossing things off. I have four months left to try to get all of it done. I know I'll get some more of it finished, but other things (roller coaster? Sky diving? Surfing? ha.) will probably have to wait until some later moment of my life.

1. I graduated! I posted pictures here, and miraculously, STILL have not gotten pictures from my parents of me and them. Oops.

2. I found a job!

3. I got married!

4. I did indeed go on an amazing honeymoon! Read about days two and three. I need to continue writing about the other days. We did more than drive through the Southwest and visit Vegas.

5. I saw the sunset at the Grand Canyon.

6. I did gamble in a Las Vegas casino.

7. I did drive up Highway 1 from LA to San Francisco. Well, I drove a good amount of the way. Pete drove the most. I got a teensy bit carsick on those twisty turny roads.

8. I did visit Disneyland.

10. We didn't stop at any of the bizarre road-side attractions I thought we would see. We didn't see many. One was right outside of Amarillo. We stayed there our first night of the honeymoon and got up early to get on the road. Within ten minutes of driving, we came across these. Looked really cool, but we didn't stop, since we had JUST GOTTEN IN THE CAR. So, this one didn't really happen.

11. We did visit the beach. Pete liked it more than he thought he would, which was great.

14. We did paint one of the rooms in our apartment. It's my craft room, and it's yellow. I'm not totally finished with it yet, which is why you haven't seen pictures. We are currently working on painting our bedroom. Sea-foam spray is the color. Pretty!

15 (kinda). We are not able to adopt a dog, unfortunately. It would cost us a LOT of extra money to put a deposit down for our apartment. However, one of my dear friends' cats ran away from home. When they found her a week lady, she was carrying kittens! We'll be getting our own kitten in about a week and a half. Her name is Scout and she is gray. I'm so excited to welcome her to our place!

17. We didn't BUY a new bed, we BUILT a new bed. And when I say "we" I totally don't include myself in that - Pete and our friend Paul built it. On one of the hottest days in the summer. Again, pictures to come.

30. I have made sure that there have been fresh flowers in the house once a month, with the exception of July. Which doesn't really count because we were gone for two weeks of it.

39. I got a credit card! But I haven't used it yet (probably for the better?)

44. I did put my arms around a giant redwood tree (well, as far as I could, at least)

45. Portrait of me and Pete - DONE. Thanks, Nan Lawson!

72. I am four books away from having read 20 books this year.

73. Pete and I have cleaned out this apartment three times now and taken a ton of stuff to Goodwill. I LOVE doing that. And it was much needed after the wedding.

76. We bought cloth napkins AND used them. Blamo!

81. We visited Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. I didn't buy anything, but we did go to Sprinkles in BH and I got a cupcake. So good. I wish we had a Sprinkles here in St. Louis...

82. I have watched one more movie off of the AFI list. It was From Here to Eternity, and it wasn't that great.

89. We went to a drive-in movie in San Luis Obispo - Inception. It was amazing.

94. I learned my blood type - O+

So. That's that. I have some work ahead of me!


Harkins said...

I must say, the thing that impresses me most is that you made it this far in life without knowing your blood type! That's crazy. But I guess pretty fortunate that you didn't need to.

sonrie said...

driving Hwy 1 is on my to-do list too. Doesn't it feel good having accomplished things?!

mh said...

Excellent progress, my dear!

Laura said...

you're doing so great! i'm jealous at how much you've gotten done : )
my to do list has much less crossed off!

Karen said...

How did I miss this post?! Congrats on crossing off so many things! Can't wait to see the apartment renovations.

And when I read 'blamo', I not only imagine Liz Lemon saying it, but I also imagine the Liz Lemon hand motion. There's something wrong with that, right?!