14 September 2010

UP (again)

So I was looking through some happy notions archives and I watched this video again.

I'm just saying, you should too. I haven't watched UP in a long time, though Pete and I talk about it a lot.

This segment above reminds me of last Christmas at the Wissinger estate. The girls (our nieces) wanted to watch UP. Or maybe I wanted to watch UP and I tricked them into thinking that they wanted to watch it. Whatever the story - we put it on. So there were four little girls in there, along with me, Pete, Mary, Steve, Mike and Christy. During this scene I'm pretty sure we were all tearing up (I don't know about Steve, and Pete probably wouldn't want to admit it). Bridgett walked into the room and was like, "I don't know WHY you guys are watching this!" And we all sort of giggled and tried to nonchalantly wipe away tears...but it's so good. Watch it again to remember how wonderful and fleeting life can be.


mh said...

Such a sweet movie! I like it lots, too. And I tear up watching it, of course. And, by the way, where was I? How did I miss it?

Bridgett said...

Yeah, I just can't do it!! I did like it lots, but this montage, the "adult" portion of the film, was heartbreaking.