18 September 2010


Meet Scout, our newest addition to the family!

She isn't a dog, but she's pretty darn cute. And frankly, I am THRILLED to have her here.

She's about eight weeks old. My friend, Maggie, has a cat who escaped earlier this year. After searching and searching for her, they found her a week after she had disappeared - but she was pregnant! Five adorable kittens were born on July 13th this summer. And we picked our Scout up yesterday :)

Pete and I have had so much fun watching her play and explore our apartment. She is super adorable, and may I add - VERY photogenic. And it's like she knows to sit still when a camera is out. Which is perfect for me. I've already taken way more photos than I would like to share...

[size comparison - that is Pete's forearm. she is teensy tiny!]


sonrie said...

she's very cute, and looks very soft.

Bridgett said...

She's beautiful!