24 October 2010


Have you heard about 20x200? It's brilliant. Jen Bekman, the creator/owner, decided that the internet was the perfect place to unite artists and people that want to buy limited editions of art at affordable prices. So, every week, they release two new pieces - one that is a photo, and one on paper - and have three or four different sizes that you can purchase.

I want every piece. Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but not much of one.

This is my newest want - I love the colors and the name of the piece. Unfortunately (for my wallet) the smallest/cheapest size is sold out, so I have to decide if I want the bigger piece or not. Thoughts?

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Karen said...

I love 20x200! It's a great source for prints. Sometimes they restock the popular prints and this is definitely one of them, so you should keep checking for updates!