17 October 2010

Sunday Roundup

It's a new tradition! I always love bloggers' Friday links (here, here, here, here) so I am totally going to copy them.

I spend a decent amount of time online each week, looking for fun projects, general inspiration, and beautiful things. So here is my collection of found internet items from the last week.

Interested in a swap? How about a calendar swap? Maybe we'll be partners!

Mr. Wissinger and I need to get out to the pumpkin patch so we can make these.

What a great idea for renters, or (ahem) lazy people! Anyone else want to start a petition to get a Paper Source in St. Louis? Chicago is the closest to me...

I'm a sucker for elbow patches.

Love these pops of color.

I love this whole apartment, but especially the wall with the pictures.

A new requirement for our future home.

This gender reveal party is absolutely adorable. It almost convinces me to wait to find out the sex of the baby, but when we get pregnant I'm pretty sure I'll need to find out ASAP.

These prints by Dan McCarthy are so, so pretty - I especially love the cityscapes with lights on in the windows.

I am excited to buy a house, primarily for more wall space. So I can do things like this.

I recently revisited Marta Writes (I hate when I forget about magical blogs) and the how-to series is fabulous. Especially love this, this, this, and this.

I hope you all had a happy weekend, and have a lovely work week!

picture via bippityboppityboo. How excited are you for snow?! Well, I'm excited for snow days.

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