08 April 2008

Apartment Hunting

Me and my future roomies, Sarah and Marcy, are apartment hunting today. We looked at one building across from campus, which is (eeee) $1650 a month between the three of us, BUT that includes everything - utilities, wireless, cable, trash pick-up, etc. We're checking out another set of apartments in a couple hours called the MetroLofts.

I'm pulling for that one. It's cheaper. I like the area better. I want to be sort of away from campus next year, since I'll have a car. This past year with being an RA gave me enough time to interact with people on campus. I'm ready to be in solitude from MANY (not all, by any means) but MANY of my college peers.

This whole process makes me want to go to sleep and cuddle uglydog.

1 comment:

Bridgett said...

Have you tried...southtown? My neighborhood? There's a ton of 2 families that I know are cheaper than that.