01 April 2008

Exciting News!

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I am so lucky to know so many generous people all over this country (and daresay the world? So many of my friends are studying abroad...), and while I was spending lots of time with my friend Megan before she went back to school in Philly, she mentioned that her school is weird and makes her be in school year round with every-once-in-awhile three week breaks thrown in, so she's in Philly all summer...and me and Pete are going to visit her!

It's going to be exciting, because Pete and I haven't been anywhere together besides Chicago and Cairo and places in between, PLUS we'll be seeing friends! Our aim:

June 4 - leave stL at 7 AM and get to Philly by midnight or so

June 5-6 - spend time exploring a city I've never been to and hang out with MEGAN

June 7-8 - be in the city of NEW YORK for a comic festival (Pete's idea, but I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of excited about this part) and to generally just explore

June 9-? - head up to Boston if my aunt is around and chill in her cute little house and run around another wonderful, awesome city

EEEEEEEEEE! I'm so excited. I'm hoping we can find a place to leave our car in Philly, because after that we can just take MegaBus pretty much everywhere- Boston, Philly, New York- they're all connected! I hope we can get it to work out.

Does anyone have any ideas of places that we DEFINITELY need to hit up while we're in this area? I don't want to miss anything amazing...

So far, this is what I have that I had saved in my bookmarks folder (one of my favorite things is finding good websites and just using that function out of control):

1. SoHo walk (no idea where I found it, but if you know, let me know!)
2. Magnolia Bakery (duh!)
3. See Kurt Halsey in Philly at his art opening at Art Star Gallery
4. Get a hot dog from a hot dog vendor
5. MoMA
6. Cafe Mona Lisa
7. Central Park - want to see Cleopatra's Needle, Alice, and John Lennon
8. Run by here, if it hasn't been demolished
9. Go to a jazz club
10. head to Coney Island
11. Wish I could be around for this
12. Go here and undo all the working out

There are so many more things- again, those are pretty much just ideas for NYC, but any thoughts are welcome!


Bridgett said...

This is definitely a happy notion. I have never been out east. Enjoy!

Laura said...

jealous, jealous, jealous!