04 April 2008


After looking at numerous peoples' flickr pages for almost a year, I finally decided to make one of my own - HERE IT IS!

I wish I could afford to have a PRO account...as in, make multiple albums, but alas, I cannot. Maybe someday.

It's fun. I've been uploading pictures every couple of weeks, silly ones, serious ones...I wish my photos on my computer looked more professional sometimes. I have a real camera, a Nikon Rebel OSR and I lalaLOVE it, but I don't have a scanner. Some of my favorite pictures have been taken with that camera.

So yay! Check my pictures out. They're fun. Most of them are cute. Some of them are mooshy (as in...love) so sorry about those...

PS: one of my favorite pictures EVER:

Jessica at the KSLU Snowball dance. With a mustache. And looking gorgeous, might I add.

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Laura said...

Yay! & I'm oh so glad you added me as a contact!