04 September 2008


I've never been one to involve myself with politics. It's too messy, too confusing, too much mudslinging, and really...everyone acts like a bunch of immature 4-year-olds.

But I've been watching a ton of coverage - lots of both the Democratic and Republic National Conventions. I am still researching the facts of both candidates (but I mean come on, I'm totally leading towards Obama. I'm in college. I have mostly liberal thoughts. It really all makes sense), but today I found this music video, and it gave me goosebumps and put tears in my eyes.

Getting those feelings really tell me something, though. I can feel, deep down, just how important this election is. And when I see and hear Obama speak, I just feel...comfortable. I feel safe. He restores my hope in this country, he really does.

And seriously, all this comes from a girl who REALLY has never had an opinion in politics. No, seriously. Ask anyone.

Check out this video. It's pretty fantastic.


Bridgett said...

I watched that video several months ago and that did me in. Not that I was really going to go the other way, for a multitude of reasons, but it was like finally finding a boyfriend who wasn't going to beat you.

Kaylen said...

Haha, that is a GREAT analogy! I completely agree.