11 September 2008

Another engagement!

But this one is super exciting - Steve and Mary (Steve, being Pete's twin brother) RECENTLY PROPOSED to longtime girlfriend Mary!

I'm super excited for them. Together, they are two fun people so I know their wedding/reception/whatever good stuff they have planned will be delightful and exciting!

Congrats, you two!


Bridgett said...

That is a great picture. May I steal it to use on my blog?

Kaylen said...

of course! steal away. this picture happened on the way back from chicago, when the boys' van broke down...twice...in the freezing cold of february. how these two managed to look adorable on the way home i'll never know. i was still cranky and tired from the night before...

Laura said...

yes yes yes!
they are so sweet.

did you know that i got to see them the day it happened?!
they came over to kyle & emma's that night.