23 September 2008

My exciting news.

I'm not having a baby (thank God), getting married (?), or have a brand new fancy job. But this is juuust the type of excitement I need. Little college girl and all, I mean.

Recognize this?

No? Well, how about THIS:

That's RIGHT, I got a Gocco Press. I am super hyped. They normally go for anywhere from $200 - $400 (on eBay or online stores), but I got mine for $25. That's right. I was pretty darn impressed with myself.

Kids Flea Market, at the Magic House. Seriously. I was hoping to get something like Pez Dispensers for my collection, or some cute little art supplies or something. Nope. Got this. Was going to ask for it for Christmas.

The kit does NOT include bulbs and there is only one screen, so I need to order some more supplies online. Then I will get going. I'll keep you updated. When I make my first invite or napkin or whatever, it'll be on here.


Laura said...

alright, i never use this phrase...
but OMG.

you have no idea how jealous i am. what a lucky find! i've been wanting one for so long (but obviously can't afford it)...some day, some day.

congrats on a great buy!

Bridgett said...

How have I lived to this ripe old age and never heard of this? How does it work--the website was circuitous in its explanations for me.

laura bee said...

this is da shiz. no joke.

sonrie said...

Awesome! Maybe you'll have to have a party.