04 September 2008

Labor Day Weekend

I had a really great time this labor day. Me and Pete headed down to Camp Ondessonk, his old place of work, and played all weekend with friends (old and new) - archery, swimming, hiking, canoeing, shimmying down waterfalls, making boondoggles, and sitting around campfires. It was SUCH a good time.

I am a 100% city girl, so I was a bit nervous at first. But it was just so amazing being in nature 24/7...even if I was wet the entire time from sweat, and even if the mosquitoes were being insane. It was SUCH an amazing weekend.

My favorite things were probably:
1. Laying in the parking lot, watching stars (and seeing seven shooting stars!) for an hour one night
2. Archery. I'm good with a bow and arrow!

3. Hiking (hiked to a beautiful waterfall (that wasn't in service, but oh well) and then climbed down - one of the most thrilling and exciting things EVER

4. Catching up with people I don't get to see NEARLY as often as I would like to - Laura, Jason, Emma, Kyle, Danno, Carrie, Katie, and of course, MOLLY!

Jason, Laura's future hubby

Me, with a big rock

5. And then...DUH, there was that whole Prom dance thing...

Pete, Molly, Me...it was icky hot outside

Me and Danno

Me, Laura, Molly [shoutout: Congrats, Laura, on your amazing win!]

Jason and Laura, the happy couple

Katie and Carrie

So much fun! I was happy to be home, in the air-conditioning, but the night we got back I looked up at the sky and saw like five stars, compared to the thousands upon thousands I saw previously (did I mention I saw the Milky Way?!?! I SAW IT! The second time in my life, since I saw it once at the Grand Canyon...)

Truly, a magical place to be.


Laura said...

Hahahaha, you've got some oh-so-hilarious photos here...
what is going on in that picture of Jason & me?! it looks like he's getting ready to eat me...i don't even remember it being taken!

I'm so glad you had fun & I can't wait to see you again SOON.

mh said...

You look like a pro with that bow and arrow! I'm glad you had fun. Pete is such a Camp O boy, and I'm glad he was able to share it with you. Some time we'll have to all go up there and do some hiking.

Lauren K said...

That boy is drinking a Stag! Stag is my all time favorite beer. So cheap and so good.