29 September 2008

Balloon Glow

Last weekend, there was the Balloon Glow. It's this big thing that St. Louis does every year in Forest Park, our version of Central Park (except it's better because, well, it's not in NYC. And I love NYC, don't get me wrong, buuuut I like that St. Louis is smaller). On Friday evening, all the hot air balloons get inflated and they glow, from the fire breathing that makes the balloons into balloons. And then on Saturday they "race" somewhere. I don't know where. I didn't go on Saturday. But I got some sweet shots from Friday.

Energizer bunny. People are in awe because of this but I wasn't all that impressed.

Pretty sunset with balloon silhouettes

I was fascinated. A St. Louis veteran, and I had never been to the Balloon Glow. I'll definitely be going back every year.

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