11 September 2008

Things I am Going to Wear When I'm a Teacher

typewriter necklace - as seen on creature comforts

1-2-3, A-B-C shirt @ fredflare

fairytale skirt - madewithlovebyhannah

this whole shebang - j.crew

flora cashmere dress - jcrew

olive coat - littlehouses

And I would hang this up in the classroom somewhere:

here, from willbryantplz's flickr stream


Lauren K said...

I love those first two items. A typewriter necklace is just up my alley.

laura bee said...

You will be the coolest teacher ever. No joke. That last coat is so adorable too.


luv,luv,luv that mini typewritter, so adorable!...wonder if it comes in a mini PC...hee!
Anyhow, just to let you know that my NEW blog is up & running...finally!!!

Feel free to drop by & also click 'comment' so I'd know you drop by...hee! thank you for everything!

charmed as always*