29 September 2009

Away We Go

I don't think I ever mentioned Away We Go, except for when I told you all what movies I was excited about.

Well, it came out on DVD today. Pete and I made a quick trip to our nearest Borders (he's a teacher and it's Teacher Appreciation Week - 30% off everything!) and picked it up.

We're watching it now and I remember loving it but forgot how much I LOVED it, you know? The story if all about Verona (Maya Rudolph) and Burt (John Krasinski). Verona is pregnant and they suddenly realize that they have NO idea what to do, where to go, how to raise their kids...so they go on a big trip, all over the place. They decide to visit various friends and family all over North America - old bosses in Phoenix, a sister in Tucson, friends in Madison, more friends in Montreal, and a brother in Miami.

There are hilarious parts (basically, John Krasinski being adorably hilarious) and really, really beautiful sad moments, too. I laughed a ton and cried a ton, too (typcal). Also, Maya Rudolph was AMAZING in this movie! I wasn't really sure what to expect. I was never a huge fan of her on SNL, but we were all so pleasantly surprised by her acting chops in the film.

I recommend this movie - to ANYONE. Especially mommies. I feel like mommies would get a lot out if it. When I'm pregnant, I can't even imagine all the thoughts that will go through my head for NINE MONTHS. This film really helps me feel better about that.

Also, while we're on the subject of being pregnant and having babies and stuff, I'm super excited to have kids. And I feel that it's more okay to say this now, since I'm engaged, than it would have been before.

So. Go rent this. Put it in your Netflix queue. Do whatever you do to get a movie. Even buy it, because it's THAT good.

PS: My favorite scene is when they're on the trampoline.

PPS: My favorite family is the Montreal one.


Diane said...

John Krasinski is sooooo adorable in this movie - he played this character really well. Gosh, he was charming.

kc said...

I love reading your posts! keep them coming. I got here by accident when I was google-ing Kurt Halsey. I love him too.

Marisa said...

this looks so adorable... i have never heard of it.
*note to self... movie night this weekend."

Bridgett said...

that does sound good. I think I heard about it once...maybe through you. I'll have to put it on the list.

Katie said...

Can I borrow it sometime? And thank you for informing me of this perk of being a teacher... it definitely rivals the J.Crew 15%!

mh said...

Does he look like Frank?