11 September 2009

Self-Portrait Challenge

I religiously read a little sussy, which is a blog that photographer Nicole Hill created and is constantly updating. Her photographs are gorgeous. I just want to jump into them!

Anyway, she posted a challenge - take a self-portrait of yourself. Email it to Nicole by September 30, then she'll post her favorites and the winner wins her textbook! (Which would be awesome...because I love her technique).

So, get a-clickin', ladies and gents! More details are here.

I don't really have any self-portraits (well, there are a couple, like when Pete and I were far away from each other for a summer and a half and I took pictures of my new hair after I got it cut and stuff) but I couldn't find him. So here is a little vanity - two pictures I like of myself that Pete took over the summer in Chicago. I especially like the one with the hot dog.


missy. said...

you are beautiful hunny! i love the one with the hot dog. so cute.

Anonymous said...

what about the pic of you and the polaroid?

Karen said...

Ohmigosh, I am the LEAST photogenic person ever. I think I know of 3 pictures where I actually look human. You apparently do not have that problem at all - hope you win!