08 September 2009

Springfield State Fair

Ah, the state fair. Loves it! Pete and I decided to go on a Saturday and explore the goodness that is fried food, crazy exhibits, and stinky animals. It was SO much fun!

Some highlights:

The cow and "Abraham Lincoln" made of butter. PURE BUTTER. Gross. And if you get a good luck down at the bottom of the case, there is just...BUTTER. Butter that looks like grass. It was disgusting but I couldn't stop looking at it and taking pictures.

Pigs running wild! They were on their way to the pig show, from their pens. Cute!

I just think this picture of Pete is funny.

Pete just had to take a picture of me coming out of the Porta-Potty.

The Lumberjack contest! Amazing! Our guy (pictured) was a cutie pie! Oh, and he won the contest overall. The above picture if him in the axe-throwing contest.

Then they did a pole-climbing contest.

The food contests crack me up. I think it's so cool that people get to taste hundreds of entries of cakes, chicken dishes, all kinds of stuff.

This was the grand-prize winning cake. Cute!

I bought the cookbook.

Prize-winning vegetables.

I've always loved the look of amusement parks and carnivals at night. We spent a good amount of time in the ride-area at dusk and on.

This is really the best part of the fair, in my opinion. We ate a ton of junk. But it was so good.

Pete waiting in line for cheese curds.

The best corn dogs from the best stand there. Kyle was right.

As usual, Pete ate his much faster than I did.

We were lucky - we picked a day to go to the fair that was just beautiful! Except it was hot. But we did have a beautiful, blue sky that matched the bright reds and oranges of the food stands perfectly.

COTTON CANDY. And can I just say, it came in a bag. So sad. I even asked if they had sticks, but they didn't. It was sad. But still delicious.

All in all, it was a great day! Tiring but wonderful.


missy. said...

ah! i love state fairs. how fun :) have you ever seen the old movie/musical state fair? it's beautiful. family favorite. and i must say i am quite jealous you were able to eat that delicious looking corndog. those are one of my favorites!

Emma O said...

will you email me the high-res photo of the swings? one of my all time favorite things in the whole world. great shot!!

mh said...

I especially like the last picture at sunset.

Anonymous said...

i love all the fair shots... don't you just love them?
i get so sick off that food but it is so good.

ps i tagged you

Micaela said...

these photos are brilliant! magical, how fairs make you feel. you hair is SO CUTE in pig tails!!! so cute.

i love the junk food- funnel cake is a MUST, but i've also discovered fried oreos. OMG, i dream of them every sept. it must be said :)

kaylen, i love these photos!!! and look at your ring- it's beautiful! i CRACKED up at the picture of Pete in the cut-out.

You Are My Fave said...

Those butter sculptures? Cah-razy.

mh said...

Forgot to mention how much I liked the picture of Pete on the "magazine cover". Too funny!