22 September 2009


Pete and I don't really go on dates anymore. I'm just fine sitting in, watching a movie, reading books, crafting...whatever. And I'm super content with that. But as for dates - they don't really happen as much.

On October 3, we'll be celebrating our 3-year anniversary. WHAT?!? I know, right?! Insane! I can't believe it! Three years. It doesn't feel like it's been three years, but at the same time, it feels like it's been forever. I planned a little surprise-trip getaway for us for the weekend. He doesn't know where we're going yet. I'm really bad at keeping certain kinds of secrets - mostly when I get gifts for people. Like around Christmas time whenever I see a friend, I am just bursting. I want to tell them SO BADLY what I got for them! Sometimes I do. But I try to keep my mouth shut.

Anyway. That weekend we're going away somewhere for a romantic little weekend. In a fancy place. And that's all you're getting.

I came across this list of date ideas - titled "Very Definitely Not Dinner & a Movie". I really, really like some of the ideas!

1. Wake up at 4 AM and watch the sunrise together
2. Have an extravagant brunch at 8 AM.
3. Bring your favorite book and read the first chapter aloud.
4. Collaborative art date.
5. Take cameras and explore an abandoned place.

Go to the link above and look at all of them. It was hard to choose just five to post here! I want to do all of them...

The first pictures taken of me and Pete together...almost three years ago :) Oh, and we were at the City Museum - where we got engaged. Funny how things come full circle, huh?


missy. said...

that date is my brother and sister-in-laws anniversary! small world :) congrats lady! i hope you have fun on your little getaway! and...... those date ideas are bomb! thanks for sharing the link! can't wait to use them.

Me Sme and I said...

Wow a getaway. Im so jealous. Me and the bf dont go on "dates" either. I dont think you can "date" once you live together? Or can you?

Karen said...

I'm totally like that with gifts too -- sometimes I have to give them super early b/c I can't keep it a secret anymore! It just means that you're really good at picking out gifts for people ;)

Marisa said...

what great ideas... it is easy after being with someone for along time to forget about how important dating is to a relationship... even after 7 year s like me an DH

Kiamae1975 said...

Dated my husband for four years before getting married. We've been married now for over 11 years.

Those ideas you posted for spending time with one another sounds so cool. Sounds like something that I could suggest to the hubby. We have a great marriage (not perfect) and if I could give you any tips it would be: 1. Never go to bed angry even if you stay up all night.
2. Remember that he has feelings too (took me a while to realize that.)
3. Holding hands or cuddling is very healing and helps with feeling connected.
4. Share your dreams with one another ever so often as they do change.

I have more but I'm sure you already know the above suggestions and then some.

I am the exact same way when it comes to secrets about gifts. I have to tell or I'll just burst.

Anyway, I like your blog. I found it when I googled about hair color and it came to an old post you had so I kept reading.

Micaela said...

3 years of incredible love, friendship, and fun together... 3 years on the verge of forever.

i love this kalen and i am SO happy you found your soul mate. You guys are sooo cute together! I'm going to keep this list in mind- i love it! esp. the brunch idea and reading aloud together.

you guys are super cute!!! xo