16 February 2010

Baking and Dancing, Oh My!

As I was prancing around my kitchen this evening, making a pound cake, I turned on the mix that Pete and I have (tentatively) created for our wedding reception.

And you know, there are some really, really good songs on there. We still are at a standstill as to what our first dance song will be (we're disagreeing right now) but this one is, in my opinion, a serious contender.

Plus, I love the video. So I was baking my cake and singing the lyrics to this song, and lots of other love songs ("God Only Knows", "Real Love", "Sea of Love", "History of Lovers", "Red Right Ankle", "The More I See You", etc etc) and I remembered the video and then I really wanted to watch it. So I did and then I decided to post it here (again, two years later, almost!) because it's just so...amazing.


1 comment:

Karen said...

Love that song! Nice choice! Also love Today by Joshua Radin too if you're considering other contenders ;)