10 February 2010

Only Five Months to Go!

Wowza! Only five months...I can't believe it.

So here's what we've accomplished in the last month (and when I say "we" - it truly is a "we". It is SO not all me):

1. Booked a florist
2. Reserved a block of hotel rooms at one hotel, and are working on the other
3. Decided on designs and colors for the flower girl dresses
4. Made a super fancy budget tracker in Excel (it may not seem like a lot, but I'm pretty excited + proud of myself)
5. Registered at Target. There isn't much in that registry. Mostly board games and tools. Seriously.
6. Booked our rehearsal dinner site
7. All of the bridesmaids have received their dresses
8. Figured out how tall my shoes have to be so that my dress doesn't look funny (I would rather invest in a good pair of shoes, as opposed to getting a dress hemmed an inch and a half)
9. Received our first wedding gift. Yes, seriously - my neighbors, that used to live in Soulard, moved to Florida a long time ago. We sent them a save-the-date but I guess they can't make it, because we got the most beautiful set of stainless steel pots and pans from them last week. I'm afraid to use them. Also excited.
10. I kind of gave of creative control. Actually, let me rephrase that. I decided that I do not need to make everything 110% representative of me. I had wanted to make gorgeous centerpieces by hand (I don't know with what, or how) and create little favors (again, don't know what) but I realized that I really don't have the time to do these things. So at our meeting with our new wedding planner person at the reception place, we decided to...
11. Go with pre-made centerpieces, offered by the place (save money! And they're beautiful!)
12. Make a big old donation to Studiostl instead of favors for the guests
13. Thanks to Rosemary, we now know what to expect when getting a marriage license, and I learned how to change my name!

Okay. I think that's it. Whoo! Lots of stuff!

I went to our florist yesterday to drop off the deposit and I was talking to the other owner, Keith (Dean is the guy that is working with us for the wedding). As I left, he waved and said, "Please keep being excited! This is the only time you're going to get married and as stressful as things may seem sometimes, always try to smile about it!"

So that was pretty awesome.

Also, another note. In order to figure out how tall my heels have to be, I had to try on my dress again. I have to tell you, I fall more and more in love with it every time I wear it.

photo by Ryan Gladstone (our photographer!)


オテモヤン said...
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emma o said...

Well I can't top that last comment, but can I just say that it's really awesome/generous/sweet of you to donate in lieu of favors? You are helping kids AND the environment and you get a tax break! Never heard of it, love it, appreciate your adorably asking me. Congrats on having so much done!!!

mh said...

You're doing great!! Such a lot accomplished already!
And I'm glad you fall more and more in love with your dress. :)

Bridgett said...

I LOVE Dean and Keith. What great advice. Really. The kind you'll look back on in ten years and think "yeah, he was right."

Karen said...

Wow, fun stuff! I remember reading something a while back that suggested the bride and groom each make a list of three elements of the wedding that is most important, and to not sweat about the others. It sounds like you did that naturally! :)