11 February 2010

Peter Randall

In honor of the upcoming V-day I decided to write a post all about why I am still madly in love with my fiance, Pete.

We've been together for approximately three years and four months. And every single second of those 1227 days (courtesy of here) has been amazing. We had our tough moments (living apart for a summer, mostly) but I am so fortunate to have a person that is so incredibly inspiring and wonderful in my life.

Plus, he's adorable. Since Pete is a teacher (at my alma mater), he gets a big package of school pictures. And he doesn't give them to anyone (his thought is, "who would want them?"), and he doesn't want to frame the big picture. So I took it and put it on my fridge. And every time I walk by the refrigerator and see his picture clipped up, with his goofy little smirk and adorable gaze...I just giggle. And get so happy that he is in my life.

Pete makes me feel good about myself. He regularly tells me that he loves me just the way I am and that I should do what I want to do (in regards to losing weight, mostly). And even though he's my #1 agent to make sure I don't eat a lot of sweets, he knows that on bad days I just want a cupcake or ice cream cone and he doesn't make me feel bad about going back on my resolution (something that did not last very long - mid January, tops).

Pete loves talking about our future together. If we see a cute baby in a store, we both give each other these looks that say, "oh my GOD someday we're going to have adorable kids!" And it's okay to TALK about. Even before we were engaged we both talked about getting married and what our first dance song should be. We've picked out names for our future kids. We've talked about moving around to other cities or even other neighborhoods - and he's just as excited about what lays ahead as I am.

Pete makes me laugh. It's not hard to make me laugh - I'm very easily entertained. But Pete really, REALLY makes me laugh. He'll make a funny noise or use an accent or we'll just talk in Arrested Development/The Office/30 Rock quotes for a half hour straight and laugh laugh laugh. We'll sing songs in the car and both sing the lyrics wrong and lose it. It's pretty awesome.

Pete knows what I like. He'll send me links or pictures or other things from the Internet saying, "Hey, I think you'll like this..." That is how SO many of my favorite things started. That's how I first watched The Royal Tenenbaums. That's how I started listening to Phoenix. That's how I began reading graphic novels. He just gets me and knows me.

Pete pushes me. I am very easily a lazy person. I have no problem sitting at home in my pajamas eating in front of a TV with a good show on. And by saying that, I'm not telling you all that that's the ONLY thing I do. Nor would it be what I would be doing right now if I had never met Pete. But Pete just nudges me in the right direction - "You should really read your book for school" or "what about that art project you started last week?" or "I thought you said you were going to write something tonight." Those may seem like he's being obnoxious, but it's not. I need someone to push me to do things sometimes. Homework wise, I would not get anything done until midnight or later if it wasn't for him.

Pete is gung ho. He's chill and happy-go-lucky. He's ready for anything and game for everything. I wanted to make a map wall during his snow day? Bam, we did it. I wanted a china cabinet? Bam, we found one. I wanted to go to a certain place for dinner? Sure, why not. I wanted to take a massive two-week roadtrip for our honeymoon? Sounds great! Pete is rarely in a bad mood...which leads me to my last point.

Pete makes me happy. His smile, his looks, the way he sticks his tongue out a little when he plays the banjo or draws a cartoon, the way his brow furrows when he reads a book, the way he cocks his head to the side when he says, "hey babe, have you seen my brown belt?" (as if I would have a clue).

And I love us together. Some people have said that we have an unhealthy relationship. But I love us. I love how goofy we are, how we both love to cook fancy foods sometimes but most of the time getting a frozen pizza is fine, too. I love that we don't have to be together all the time. I love that we can tease each other in front of friends (a friend once said that watching us interact with each other was like watching a sitcom).

In all, I love Pete. Happy Valentine's Day, boo!


Pete said...

You're too good. Also, these are some really goofy pictures of me. Prepare for a response post about you on my blog (we will make people puke with our cuteness!)

Bridgett said...

Puking now. :^) I love watching you two catch up with us.

mh said...

I love this post! And I love you two together! You are so sweet together and so much fun to be with together. And, Pete, some of these pictures are "just cute"!
I love you both!

Angela said...

This is really sweet, Kaylen!

surelizzy said...

oh dang, that's real sweet.