17 February 2010

Spring, Where Are You?!: Mod Cloth Edition

Okay, I don't really expect Spring to answer the above question. And it's February in St. Louis, meaning that it won't be warm for awhile. In fact, we've gotten more snow in February this year than we have the entire winter (this is not a known fact, but I think it's true).

But I'm so ready for spring. I'm ready to wear my small red coat instead of my huge, bulky black one. I'm ready for my hands/face/feet/legs/every other part of my body to stop being dry and rough, regardless of how much moisturizing lotion/baby oil/other fancy stuff I use. I'm ready to stop having static hair. I hate static hair. And my hair is so long (past my shoulders) that it's driving me more crazy than usual.

I'm ready to be able to take the kids at school outside. We've had so many "cold days" and the little ones are getting sick of staying inside, understandably so. I'm ready to start growing a balcony garden. I'm ready to start running outside again, and biking and walking and just enjoying the weather, instead of dreading running from the front door of my apartment to my car every morning.

But more than almost anything else, I'm ready for the spring clothes. I'm ready to drag out my colorful tights, skirts, floods, flats, and cardigans. Yes, I realize that lots of stylish ladies wear flats and cardigans and tights and skirts. But I'm a wimp. I get cold so easily and HATE being cold, so I've been very into the hoodies/sweatpants with pj pants underneath them. Because even if I look bulky or weird I'm warm and really, that's what I care about.

Spring clothes are popping up all over the place and I'm getting restless. I'm ready to bare my legs! And my adorable little tattoo on my foot!

So, in honor of spring maybe coming soon, here are some of my current spring favorites, from Mod Cloth:

The Colleen Dress

Through the Tulips Dress

Cherry Valence Dress

Lemon Custard Cardigan

Mint Condition Top

Lovely Lace Shirt

Luck of the Skirt

Brave New Waist Shorts

Beach Blanket Bingo Swimsuit

Beach Blanket Retro Two Piece in Red

Just Teasin' Tights

Second Semester Socks in Marshmallow

You know what would be even cooler? If I could actually afford all of these things. I would have one sweet spring wardrobe...

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Katie said...

I absolutely love the Colleen dress! The color and ruffles are awesome.