04 February 2010

102 Things

So, I've been scooting along with my list of things to do in 2010.

Things I've accomplished so far:

1. Eaten a piece of pizza backwards. This was harder than I thought it would be. So, here's what happened: The first time I tried to do this was when Pete and I made our own pizza, with dough from Trader Joe's (which is delicious, if you haven't tried that yet). However, Pete and I sometimes have a hard time creating that PERFECT pizza, and it was kind of soggy so it just sort of fell apart in my hands. So, fail there.

The second place I tried this was at Pi, in the Loop. If you live in St. Louis and have not been to Pi, you really have no excuse. There are currently three locations (one in the Loop, one in the West End, and one in Maplewood) and I imagine that the second two are just as amazing as the original. The pizza is "San Francisco" style - thick with a cornmeal crust - and it's kind of hard to eat with your hands, regardless of attempting to eat it backwards. I think I just looked like a fool in general.

However, FINALLY. I ordered a stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut and devoured it. Super easy to eat backwards. And there's cheese in the crust. And I do love me some cheese.

2. Giveaway - well heyo I had a giveaway! I would like to have some more this year. I need to keep thinking of cool things to giveaway, though. If anyone has anything they want to donate to this cause, let me know!

3. Losing weight. Well, I've lost about three pounds! I know it's not a lot, but I've been eating healthy (I bought a Cooking Light cookbook and have been making things from there) and since my classes are incredibly far away from each other, I practically run all over campus for probably a half-hourish a day. Also I ordered a pilates DVD from Amazon. Then I'll be able to work out at home, too! My pants are looser, too. It's exciting!

4. Magazine cataloguing. I've been doing a pretty good job at keeping those up-to-date, too - I only have ten or so magazines that I need to go through, as opposed to the usual 35.

5. Crafts. I posted about our save-the-dates, which are finished and have been sent out, and then a couple weeks ago, I decided to go ahead and make a lyrics canvas. I used "Pink Moon", by Nick Drake, and I really love how it turned out. Of course it's not hanging up anywhere, but still sitting on our dining room table.

There are some more projects I have ready, too. Just waiting for more time to do them.

6. Fresh flowers. You can actually see those in the picture above! We do a weekly Trader Joe's run and they have beautiful flowers that are pretty inexpensive. So I got some roses on Sunday. I love them.

7. Craft day/night - my friend Lindsay had a few ladies over to her house one morning. We ate some delicious waffles and eggs and worked on our respective crafts. It was so much fun, and while I didn't organize it, it made me realize that YES, people will come and it can happen. So that was the January event.

8. The Etsy shop - I haven't been able to open one, because you need a credit card to do that. Which is great, because getting a credit card is also on my list of things to do! But I can't get a credit card now, because I still belong to my dad's bank. And why get a credit card five months (holy crap) before I get married, from the Anheuser-Busch Employees bank, when I will just have to switch soon? It's a conundrum, yes - but the Etsy shop will just have to wait (as will the credit card nonsense).

9. Paxil. First of all, thank you all SO MUCH for the sweet comments and emails about this. It's awesome knowing that people are supporting me. Because going off of an anti-depressant is rough. Last week was horrible (for many reasons) but I decided to stick with the weening off and I'm still doing the half-whole-half-whole thing. This week has been much better.

10. Blog comments. I've been commenting more. That's really all there is to that...

11. Chuck Berry - Pete and I are going to see him in March. Tickets go on sale on February 19. So I haven't officially bought them, but I will! Yay!

12. So far, I've read two books this year for fun, and am halfway through my third. Baking Cakes in Kigali was first, and The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey was my second. I'm currently reading The Importance of Music to Girls. This semester, I have a LOT of reading (I haven't taken a real English class in a long time, and we've already read three novels) and I had forgotten how much time that takes up.

13. Having a collection - Pez Dispensers. I have ten. If anyone has some they don't want, I'm your gal.

14. Talk less, listen more - I've been trying to hold back my thoughts more, and thoughtfully listen and so when I do open my mouth, maybe things make more sense. I think this has been going okay, but there's really no way of me telling.

15. Baked goods - Rosati has gotten some delicious cookies from me, I made cupcakes for Pete's brother's birthday when they had a game night here, and I made cake balls for StudioStl's Wordfest (another post for another time).

So. That's that. It's been funworking on this list. It's also super helpful that I printed it out and put it up on my bedroom wall. I look at it a lot and cross things off and think about the stuff I have to do.

And there are a ton of things on that list that make me nervous, still (skydiving?!?! Why I wrote that...well, I know why I wrote it. It scares me that I wrote it) but I am convinced that 2010 will be the best year EVER.


Daughter of a King said...

I will go skydiving with you if you want. This summer/next year/whenever. I think it would be less scary to do it with friends who are also peeing their pants at the thought. It's on my list too.

Elizabeth said...

how did you do the lyric canvas? tutorial, maybe? and wow, you've been busy! congrats!

Laura said...

remember once upon a time when we talked about opening an etsy shop together? i have a credit card...thats all im sayin.

: )

Bridgett said...

I have pez for you. Missed you this weekend.