08 February 2008

New Puppy?

So, talking to my mom yesterday...I found out that we are maybe getting a puppy dog! My mom wants one, and dad is on business a lot and is gone all day at work anyways...so this weekend we are having a trial run. We are "renting" our puppy (10 months old, german sherpherd/lab mix) for the weekend to see how mom does.

So, I'm spending every free second at home this weekend to play with our maybe? puppy. I'm thinking he should look like this:

via here

How flipping cute is that? I am going to cuddle the little pooch a LOT this weekend.

1 comment:

Laura said...

oh how adorable!
i'm really itching to do the foster program like kyle & emma...
how fun would it be to have a constant supply of puppies?!
but i don't think they have that program anywhere near us. : (