26 February 2008

Day II of not having my computer...

It's sort of sad. On my other blog (kaylen-happycupcakes.blogspot.com) for my TechApps class, I wanted to make a summer picture blog. I am getting so sick of this icky weather we are having.

But in order to do that, I had to capture all the pictures I wanted from the internet, from Facebook. Facebook is interesting. Sometimes I really love it and sometimes I hate it. Unfortunately, it is the chief way I stay in contact with all the friends I have that do not go to SLU.

In other news, my computer is still not fixed. Hopefully it will be by the end of today, because it makes me sad that I'm using this uber-streamlined Apple computer. I want my clunky Dell back! I know how to use it! Of course I am extremely grateful to Pete for letting me use his computer all day long.

The Darjeeling Limited comes out today. I'm really excited. We're going to go buy it after I get out of classes, watch it, and then Pete (Mr. Social Studies extraordinare) is going to help me study for my American Politics test...eeep! It's funny that Wes Anderson's latest release is coming out today...Ali mentioned Mr. Anderson over on her blog today, saying that his next film should be about Frank Lloyd Wright. Which, frankly, would be amazing.

In all, I'm really excited to curl up with my fuzzy blue blanket and watch this amazing movie. It's been awhile.

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