08 February 2008

Art Deco

I have always loved a little art deco inspiration. We were talking about art deco in my Literature of the City class, and I was inspired to do some Etsy searching on the topic...

March Pin-Up Girl - EmilyBalivet

Coco Chanel 1920 Evening Dress Note Card - ClaudiaCreates

Pretty Vintage Cabochon Buttons - atomicveggiecom

Winged Beetle Pendant Necklace - pickypicky

Vanity Necklace - t8designs

I wish that my hair looked like this. If I had pale skin, I would TOTALLY just make myself up to look like this everyday.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ur first picture is actually art novouea not art deco..the difference is art deco uses much cleaner lines and geometric shapes, while art novouea uses a lot of flourishes etc.