13 February 2008


Mod*Mom has some INSANE giveaways going on, but only until TOMORROW. Like, she has $3500 worth of giveaways. And all the prizes are sweeeeet- literally, because she's giving away CUPCAKES. Check it out, ya'll. via designmom

pretty pastel painting by kuesmith


modmom said...

you're sweet valentine!
i added you to my valentine's blogroll.

be sure to enter each of my giveaways before midnight valentine's day to win prizes :)

Laura said...

we can watch across the universe when we get together to make our aprons. ; )

corine @ hidden in france said...

Thanks for saying hello on my blog. Did i hear you mention cupcakes? We might have common interests there! : )

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

WAIT, free cupcakes....????!

Laura said...

hahaha, we might as well be the same person! (but yes, those aprons are adorable...perhaps we should try to find a pattern more like those & then go scavenging for pretty material).