03 February 2008

Snow days are the best days.

EVERYONE had a snow day in St. Louis this past Friday. It was amazing. I wish I had a snow day everyday.

Me, Pete, and Frank explored that day...kind of. We went to The Future Antique (TFA), one of my favorite stores in St. Louis. I pondered buying an American Tourister Matching Luggage set (pale yellow...I lusted after that for a couple of minutes) and I almost bought a train case for all my sewing supplies, but I either didn't like the color or the inside was too torn up.

Then I stumbled upon their racks and racks of old magazines from the '40s - '70s. I've always loved magazines, and, well, THESE mags had a bunch of stuff in them that I've never read before, so they're super special and wonderful. I went through them and saw some really surprising stuff- a Vodka Smirnoff ad with Woody Allen, an interview with Donna Reed (before she hit the big-time with It's a Wonderful Life), a LIFE magazine with Margaret O'Brien on the cover, and of course, PAGES of fabulous ads from the past. When I have more money I want to frame a bunch of the pretty perfume ads and put them up in my bathroom. One of my favorites?


Let me tell you, I've seen the old stuff and I'm not really digging the newer ads.

Let's compare... circa now:

circa 1959

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