04 March 2008


I am so excited to have kids of my own- not that I'm in any hurry (geez, just trying to get through my American Politics class this semester...) but so many other bloggers have children and I'm creating quite the savings account for my future kiddies (I decided I want four- two girls (Zoe and Madeline Mae) and two boys (Rusty and Oliver).

I really like this bassinet. It reminds me of a castle.

Folding Bassinet - Sparkability

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Laura said...

Love the names! too cute.
I can't wait for those baby years either..don't feel bad.

PS did you see Ali's Keira Knightley post? http://alilovescurtis.blogspot.com/2008/03/keira-by-clare.html
the picture on the right makes me think of you every time i see it...i'm not sure what it is exactly, maybe the hair. whatever it is, it's (& you're) lovely.