04 March 2008

See Jane Work

When I first found See Jane Work, I freaked out. I love organizational things and this site is CHOCK FULL OF THEM.

Regardless, I saw the tab under products that says "life organization" and I clickety-clicked. I mean, I am definitely not organized but thinking about getting my whole LIFE together (while using pretty colored products) sounds really, really wonderful.

The Life.doc organizer has sections for EVERYTHING inside of it: insurance, family basics, sickness & health, dollars & sense...I'll probably ask for that for a wedding gift.

The Collision Kit is SO handy. It fits right into your glove compartment and it has a disposable camera, pen, notepad, and spaces for insurance registration tucked inside.

The Captio CollegeCase is really cool, too. It has forms that can be filled out with medical histories, important phone numbers, emergency contacts, and even things like auto registration and computer serial numbers.

This Packing List from Knock Knock is ingenious. Sorted into categories, it reminds you to bring items from medications to Internet verifications to your favorite stuffed animal.

Some other faves from the site:

Pamela Barsky Luggage Tags

Document Clothespins

Pet & Zoo Rubberbands

1 comment:

Bridgett said...

Ok, the luggage tags did me in.

Have you been to hostess with the mostess? She does a lot of the same things you do here--not that you need more ideas...