25 March 2008

Been awhile

Too long. The last day that I posted was...Mom's birthday!

Happy VERY belated birthday, mommy! Here's a cake for you:

[photo via chotda]

On her birthday, I did a lot of things.

Kaylen's day of activities, March 19, 2008:

7:30 AM: Arise, shower, and attempt to eat breakfast through shut eyes and sore throat
8:30 AM: Head over to the BSC to take silly standardized test
8:47 AM: Decide to never give a standardized test to ANY of my students
12:47 PM: RELEASED! FINALLY! I trudge back to Pete's apartment after getting some food from ABP and collapse on the futon
12:55 PM: Call mia madre and say feliz cumpleanos! Make plans to meet up later tonight for bowling and apps.
2:55 PM: Wake up and attempt to paint.
4:00 PM: Pete gets back and we laze around and watch the tellie.
5:15 PM: Depart for Jimmy John's
5:55 PM: Head to Flamingo Bowl to meet up with Mom, Dad, Emme, and Uncle Wayne for the party extravaganza!
6:38 PM: Remember how much I really have no business bowling without bumpers in the lanes.

[mom and dad, so so cute!]

8:14 PM: Depart Flamingo Bowl after two unsuccessful bowling games for everyone except for Dad and Uncle Wayne and head to Washington University, where seats are reserved for the press writer, thank you very much, for Jose Gonzalez

8:37 PM: Meet up with Pete in the freezing cold near a greenhouse. Sometimes I think that Wash U. is so much better than SLU. If I had the money/grades I totally would have opted for there.
8:54 PM: Rudely find out that someone has taken the seats that were supposed to be reserved for me! Horrid!
8:56 PM: Find other seats, sit, watch Mia Doi Todd open and then...JOSE!
9:15 PM: Chat with Cameron and Todd, two good friends that will someday blow up and be bigger than life itself, you'll see.
9:36 PM: Jose comes on!

[both shots via Todd]

10:54 PM: Encore begins.
11:14 PM: We leave. I'm tired. Pete's tired. We're driving to Cairo in the morning.
11:32 PM: Stop for Shamrock Shake at McDonald's. Not a huge fan of Mickey D's, but I do love me my seasonal Shamrock Shakes.
11:40 PM: Pete's apartment. I eat my sandwich from JJ's, drink my shake, and crash crash crash.

In short, it was a loooooooooong day. But a really, really good one.


Gj...the 'guh' is silent! said...

I can't believe that I don't even get to see your lovely face on campus. We must plan better and have classes together next semester...what do you think you'll be taking? Also...LOVE the buttoned up stuff. I checked out their website and it's too cute! I do believe that you should work in a magazine and do like a section on cool things everyone should own. You're good for that stuff.

V. said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Also, I'm think it's super cool you saw Jose Gonzalez in concert. I've never been to one of his shows, but I heard he great live.