14 March 2008

A Positive Experience with Sushi

I'm not a fan of sushi. I don't like raw fish.

Buuuut when I was working diligently on a bulletin board on my floor the other night, the lovely Leah stepped off the elevator and brought me sushi from Whole Foods. Leah is amazing. I'm obsessed.

Anyways. It's veggie sushi. It was pretty good. I documented the situation. I was bored. It was late. I was tired. It's midterms week. Those are all the excuses I have.

I love sushi packaging/bento boxes/whatever they're called. So cute and perfect.



Again, sorry for being vain. I was bored.


Laura said...

this is adorable...i'm a little afraid of sushi, too.

sonrie said...

i just had to comment again...sushi from Whole Foods is amazing...and economical...yum