12 March 2008


There is some (probably drunk) girl screaming screaming screaming outside my window and seven stories down...and it's keeping me awake. So, I decided to jump online and make a quick blog post.

My dad, the wonderful man that he is, built a playhouse for me and Emme. Someday I'll get some old pictures and scan them onto good ol' happy notions (mostly because there are some really, really cute ones of me and Emme...we used to have huge huge HUGE dimples and extremely curly hair). But ANYWAYS. I loved that treehouse. It was two stories, there was a ladder, a bridge, a slide, and even windows and a steering wheel! We used to act like we were high up above the water, lost at sea...and when one of us or our friends went down the slide, they became mermaids in the swirling waters...

Anyways. So I decided that one of the things that I am doing PRONTO, like, as soon as I move into the house that I want to start a family in, is to build a treehouse in our backyard. I loved mine and I know my kids will love the one that I (help to?) build. The Treehouse Guide seems like a good place to start, with blueprints and tips and stuff. I would come home from ballet class, and dad would be in the backyard, already out of his work clothes and into his icky jeans and shoes and undershirt, cutting wood and staking the ground and then...a month or two later, there it was, majestic and wonderful!

Some flickr favorites:

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Ooh la la. Well, now it's 12:41 AM and I'm listening to Sea and Cake and they're really good but I'm sleepy and have a loooooong day tomorrow/today.

In conclusion, I shall add "build kids a treehouse" to my "things to do in the future" list I have going on. It's a long list. And it's VERY exciting!

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