03 March 2008

My weekend

I had an awesome weekend. I was in charge of sitting for Louie, so I spent pretty much the entire weekend at home. The weather was at a high of 75 degrees yesterday, so me and lil Louie took a couple of walks and he played with my neighbors' dogs in my front yard. Of course, by this time tomorrow we're supposed to have eight inches of snow on the ground. Ah, St. Louis weather.

Some of my favorite pictures of the weekend:

Banana butterscotch cupcakes, oh my!

One of my favorite toys from when I was little - a walking nun with a sparking mouth.

One of our buddhas from the Buddha collection.

We're a very artsy family.

Louie was curious about the sirens outside...

His first car ride!

Pete played uke on the patio while Louie chewed on sticks. It was lovely!

I love his eyes in this picture.

Pete, Louie, Frank

I like this picture. It's a little dark, but it's me!


Laura said...

ah! that nun is a little frightening!

Gj...the 'guh' is silent! said...

I misssss youuuuuuu!