11 June 2009

10 Things That Make Marisa Happy

Marisa writes ...or so i feel, a great blog all about her family, friends, and everything else from A - Z. I think we are kindred souls because she also feels that she was born in the wrong decade.

10 Things That Make Marisa Happy

1. Old bookstores
2. The color red
3. When my iPod reads my mind
4. When my husband comes up behind me and I can feel him smelling my hair
5. My daughters' love for dance
6. Scottish accents
7. Coffee table books
8. Fondue with girlfriends
9. Passionate people
10. Traveling

Thanks, Marisa! Check her and her blog out at ...or so i feel.

And of course, if you have a 10 Things list, please send them to kaylen.hoffman@gmail.com and they will be featured on happy notions!

[image from Daniels flickr]

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting my list... LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo.