09 June 2009

Things That Are Awesome

[Stolen from Bridgett]

1. Um, I'm engaged. Doesn't get much better than that.
2. I am two days away from being finished with this silly biology class!
3. Pete and I are leaving for Chicago in a little over a week. I'm excited to see friends, play downtown, take awesome public transportation, and use my gigantic IKEA giftcard (why does St. Louis not have an IKEA yet?)
4. Pete is moving out of his icky apartment soon!
5. Emme is leaving for Chicago today via Megabus. It's not that I'm happy she won't be around; I'm happy I will be able to use the car whenever and wherever for five days without having to check with her first (sharing a car sucks).
6. I get to plan a wedding! I've been doing this for awhile...but now it's for real.
7. I found a bike from Dick's that is cheap and pink. Did I tell you that I need a new one? I need a new one.
8. My dearest friend Megan is in town, and I am so excited. We're hanging out tonight and it will be wonderful.
9. Circus Flora is in town and I MUST get tickets ASAP so I can go before I leave for Chicago.
10. I'll soon be able to sell back my biology books to make a little bit of extra cash :)

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