10 June 2009

10 Things That Make Micaela Happy

Micaela emailed me after seeing this post, with her own list of happy things. Here they are!!

1. Puppy kisses

2. Movie previews

3. Childhood stories

4. Wearing high heels

5. Elton John on the radio

6. Thunderstorms

7. Kindness (and being kind) to strangers

8. Big hugs
9. My twin sister, who I call my twinkie

10. Van Gogh paintings

Adorable! I've also been so jealous of people who have twins. AND, Van Gogh is my favorite artist :)
Check out Micaela and her blog over at dolcevita!

And also, if any of you have your own personal 10 Happy Things list, please send them to kaylen.hoffman@gmail.com and I will post them!

[image from khara]


Micaela said...

awww yay! I'm so glad I get to be the first one :)

what an adorable pic!!!

thank you for featuring me on your cute cute blog. xo

Anonymous said...

love this girl and this list....