26 June 2009

Old Town School of Folk Music

The day that we got into town, and after the family left, we rushed out and got Pete a banjo. For some reason (I don't know what started it), Pete has been listening to bluegrass music almost exclusively...and watching Kung Fu movies almost exclusively (that's a pain).

He really wanted to go to the Old Time School of Folk, which has two locations. Apparently we picked the good one, according to my friend Matt, and the one we went to has a bigger selection and all that.

He and his banjo have been almost inseparable this trip. If we're out for a few hours, when we come back, he makes a beeline to his new toy.

The Old Town that we went to also had a TON of practice/rehearsal rooms, and a big auditorium that cool bands have past performed in (The Ditty Bops, The Magnetic Fields). Then, they have this huge research center with lots of sheet music and general information about lots of different instruments and musicians and stuff. I REALLY liked it. If there was something cool like that place in St. Louis, I would spend a LOT of time there...

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Me Sme and I said...

Your blog is really sweet, i stumbled over to it from "snippet & ink". I like your little happy lists of 10. Oh and congrats on the proposal (although i am late!) A may become a wee fan :o)