10 June 2009

With good news...

comes bad news.

Pete and I had planned on going to San Francisco this upcoming winter, but since we're now engaged and attempting to save money to help pay for a wedding...we decided it won't happen.

BUT...we DO have a honeymoon to plan. What are your thoughts? Where should we go? We haven't really talked a LOT about the actual wedding yet, but we're thinking it will be in mid-July of 2010. So, the honeymoon will be in the summer.

Some places I/we are thinking about (I say "I" because I'm thinking about this now and, well, I haven't really mentioned it to Pete)

1. Roadtrip to Los Angeles/San Francisco - this will pretty much be exactly what we planned for this winter, but shift it forward a couple of months and for a longer period of time.

2. Roadtrip down to Disney World and spend one week in Orlando and another week on a beach somewhere - I love Disney World and while both of us have been there, we haven't been together.

3. Fly to Europe and spend one week in Paris and one week in London - I've never been out of the country and flying scares me but I WANT TO GO TO PARIS.

4. Roadtrip down to the Santa Fe/Albuquerque area and spend some nights in hotels, some nights camping, go to a spa, and see all the pretty nature - I love the Southwest area and think it would be a lot of fun to go back.

That's all I've got so far. What are your thoughts? Generally, we like cities more than rural areas, and we like to keep busy. I would rather not spend time in a really, really hot area, or a really, really cold area. I like to be adventurous, but I'm not the biggest "outdoors" girl.

Any advice is greatly appreciated! :)

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emma o said...

my two cents: all of them are super cool but here's some feedback anyway!

disneyworld is probably somewhere you will go if/when you have kids, so if you don't go now, it's okay.

paris/london would be SUPER amazing, but if you are trying to save money for a wedding also, maybe save that one for when you can save up and make sure you have time/money to do everything you want to do. (i am picturing the stress of securing passport/flights AND wedding = mondo)

clearly, i am leaning towards one of the roadtrips. so then you guys just have to pick which kind of area, and LA/San Fran might be something fun to do while you are young and have energy and stamina! Plus you clearly already want to go to there :)

Bridgett said...

I agree about disneyworld (although we've avoided it so far with kids somehow...probably give us another 4 years...).

The rural SW is AWESOME. But it is rural.

My great aunt Sarah said that Paris was wasted on the honeymooners--that it was better to go later on, when you aren't so focused on, well, each other.

Personally, I would go to SF. But of course, I DID go to SF for my honeymoon. :^) And if you road trip I have lots of ideas that you can take or ignore....

sonrie said...

The Southwest. It's a long drive (but shorter than SF), and so much to do and see. Wonderful food, art, culture, colors, weather.

Laura B said...

If you decided Paris is too expensive you still wanna road trip it, I would totally suggest Montreal. It's like being in Europe, but kind of America at the same time. haha. I found it to be just lovely when I was there, they have some great free music festivals in the summer too, which is always great.