16 June 2009

10 Things That Make Mina Happy

Mina just started a gorgeous blog, sending postcards, that will soon be chock full of her and her fiance's adventures AROUND THE WORLD. Seriously. I would LOVE to go around the world. I can only imagine all the good stories and pictures she'll be posting as they begin their journey.

Ten Things That Make Mina Happy:

1. My love (Alex) - nothing else on this list even comes close.
2. The sun
3. Planning trips to exotic locations
4. Lazy Sundays
5. Chai tea lattes on a rainy day
6. Being in the front row at a concert
7. Kiwis and vanilla ice cream
8. John, Paul, Ringo and George
9. Really lame jokes that make you laugh until you hurt
10. First snowfalls

Perfect! What a gorgeous list. I wish today was a lazy Sunday...

In other news, Mina also has an AMAZING tumblr account that is all ice cream images. Cute, cartoon, stuffies, dramatic lighting...everything. Now I want a cone of cookies n cream!

Thanks for the list, Mina! And as always, if you have a happy list, send them my way, to kaylen.hoffman@gmail.com !!!


Micaela said...

mina & her fiancee are so cute!!! i just discovered her blog not that long ago and have to say, this gorgeous list makes me adore her more!

Kalen-i love that picture you picked out and thanks again for doing your happy lists, it makes me appreciate and think about the little things that make life wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks for all the kind words!